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Three Step Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is one of the mind power techniques to help you get what you want in life. This will not only enhance your health but also help in mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The positive thinking has power to change your life for the better. For achieving better results you need to erase the negative aspects of life from your mind by replacing them with positive thinking. Though, it is very difficult to erase the negative thoughts that run through your mind. But by pondering upon more and more positive thoughts we can dilute the negative thoughts from our conscious mind and make our sub-conscious mind to recall only positive thoughts. To further enhance your positive thinking, consider following three steps to be on the road to success in attaining your goals in life:Read More »



  • The most Selfish one letter word ” I ” Avoid it.
  • The most Satisfying two letter word ” We ” Use it.
  • The most Poisonous three letter word ” Ego ” Kill it.
  • The most Used four letter word ” Love ” Value it.
  • The most Pleasing five letter word ” Smile ” Keep it.
  • The Fastest spreading six letter word ” Rumour ” Ignore it.
  • The Hardworking seven letter word ” Success ” Achieve it.
  • The most Enviable eight letter word ” Jealousy ” Distance it.
  • The most Powerful nine letter word ” Knowledge ” Acquire it.
  • The most Divine ten letter word ” Friendship ” Maintain it.

Life is too short so be grateful, show appreciation, forgive and most importantly do your best to love. Josbons

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Three Step Creative Visualization

 Creative visualization is one of best mind power technique you can use to empower your mind to get what you want. This kind of mind technique has also been implemented by very early period in India to attain not only spiritual enlightenment but also material achievement. In creative visualization, you need to picture in your mind the things you really wanted. Although you can say that most of the time you are picturing in your mind materials things, it can still be attainable if you practice visualizing these things. Also, you can visualize your success regardless of your profession, age, gender or life situation. Following three steps can help you to enhance creative visualization: Read More »

What Naruto and Naruto Shippuden taught us?

My son Kritshaurya Bhambu has done a good job of finding life lesson from the characters of the show

Vision Unravels

Somebody told me I’m a failure. I’ll prove them wrong.


~Naruto Uzumaki

It was the October of 2014 that I started watching Naruto and I particularly found this Anime interesting. I was not a fan of watching anime though at that time, but this one was different. This was relate-able. It was something else, it was something special.

First and foremost, before telling you guys what life lessons this manga and anime has to offer I would briefly like to tell you guys what exactly this Naruto thing is all about.

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7 Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

Thoughts have their own vibration and words have their own. That is why it is said thoughts make a man and we are advised to think before we speak.  There are a large number of thoughts occurring in our mind on daily basis and it shapes our life. Even what we speak is largely effected by our thoughts. Therefore, it is very important to have some control on our thoughts as there can’t be perfect control on thoughts. Thoughts are like waves in ocean. As the waves in ocean are affected Read More »